Tenant Appreciation Month

System - Sunday, June 20, 2021

We are taking time out to recognize how much we appreciate our excellent property renters. These folks realize that they are renting another family's property and take care of it like it was their own.

They realize that the owners are military families deployed to another area and hope some day to return to their property. Or, as is sometimes the case, the owners don't know if they will ever be able to get transferred back to the Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Chesapeake area. But still own the property to create potential retirement income or eventually help with higher education expenses.

Either way, the owners have bills to pay, and mortgages to fulfill, so really appreciate the quality families who respect their properties and pay their rent faithfully each month.

In turn, we at Coastal Group Inc. feel obligated to be responsive on maintenance calls and to help renting families make their move-in and tenancies as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Not always easy, of course, when severe hot weather is taxing air conditioning systems, or heavy rain storms assault the roof or windows, but we endeavor to stay on top of the maintenance with our convenient maintenance reporting and work order systems.

So, just a few thoughts of appreciation after many move-outs and move-ins this busy summer season.

all of us at Coastal Group Inc Realtors