6 Top Value Adding Remodeling Projects in 2021 by Andrea Erickson

Andrea Erickson - Friday, September 24, 2021

6 Top Value Adding Remodeling Projects in 2021

The housing market is on fire right now, with buyers outnumbering homes available in absurd amounts. Fortunately for sellers, this means that any small change made to a property allows you to add a large amount of value to the property regardless of how much money you put into it. 


This means that large projects can add even more.


These are the top home remodeling projects that people want this year! Not only will they add a lot of value to your home, but they'll also make it look amazing at the same time.

1. Adding A New Roof

Updating your roof is an amazing way to add a lot of value and show your buyers that you’re motivated to sell. No buyer wants to purchase a property, only to realize that they have to drop ten to thirty thousand dollars to update the roof.


Luckily, by updating it yourself, you can add slate roofing tiles for an inexpensive amount and reap the rewards. Buyers will love that the roof won't have to be replaced for fifteen to thirty years, and you'll be able to boost the price of your home by tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Replacing Older Siding

Old siding can age a home. Unfortunately, no amount of power washing can make the siding look brand new once it's started to warp and crack from age. If your siding is reaching the end of the line, it's a good idea to try to replace it with steel lap siding before you list your home for sale. This replacement ensures that the house is protected from the elements, well insulated, and as pretty as you want it to be.

3. Updating Your Garage

With how unpredictable the weather is becoming in many parts of the country, it makes sense that garages are a hot item that most house hunters are looking for. If you want your garage to stand out as a great plus to the home, consider factoring garage door replacement costs into your home updates. Updating your garage door can make the entire front of the house look new and fresh and give your buyers the chance to picture the security and ease of parking in the garage every night.

4. Mini Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels aren't a new or unheard-of update to a property, but their size has changed. Remodeling your kitchen in small parts can bring back far more of a profit than doing a full remodel. This could mean instead of replacing cabinets, you sand them down and paint or stain them, or it could mean redoing the counters.


Although you can still do a full kitchen remodel if you want to, it will not bring you as much of a return on your investment and won't make too much of a difference when you go to sell. On the other hand, the mini remodel takes less time and money and can often be done through DIY instead of hiring a contractor.

5. Creating An Attic Bedroom

Additional bedrooms are a hot commodity in recent years! Unfortunately, adding extra space to your home can cost tens of thousands of dollars: but there's another option. Instead of building onto your house, repurpose parts of it you haven't considered. For example, many of us allow our attic space to stay empty and go to waste, but it doesn't have to. Instead, you can turn your attic into a bedroom by updating the flooring, finishing the walls, adding a closet, and ensuring any windows are front and center. This additional room can add ten to thirty thousand dollars to your property's value.

6. Updating the Flooring

The floors are an update that many homeowners forget about, but few buyers can ignore. Consider replacing stained carpets with faux wood flooring to give it a more elegant look. Although the carpet can be nice, it's terrible for allergies, hard to keep clean, and can quickly become gross if you have pets or children. Faux wood flooring can be resilient, appear in any shade or grain size, and can give you the chance to keep your floors clean and odor-free. Hard floors like this are also far better for those who have pets since it's easier to keep sanitary and fresh.

Adding Value Is Easier To Do Than Ever Before

Don't fear the home update! As much as it may sound like a lot of work: updating your home in any amount can add a lot of value to the property. These investments of time and money ensure that you can then sell your home for a large profit and then move on to another asset or a better-fitting home. 


Just remember as you update the property: not every update is a good investment. So keep an eye on how much you're spending, pay attention to what the housing market looks like, and create a home that will sell quickly and for more money.

Andrea Erickson is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. She is a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Andrea is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction